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We are in the early stages of the business, and have started with a good mix of the most common flags – but there are more to come! If you have a specific request, get in touch on the custom order page – we will be happy to design a bespoke piece!

While we do our very best to match the colours of the pride flags, this is not always possible due to the nature of the materials. We use natural stone in our bracelets, and this can come with a range of different pigments, shades and impurities – it is what helps to make our bracelets unique! If you are unhappy with your bracelet for any reason, you can request a refund or exchange within 14 days.

You can track your order by checking your email for confirmation of your tracking number, and using this to track with Royal Mail. Please make sure you have entered the correct address details; we cannot be held responsible for any errors. If you still have not received your item, get in touch, and we will try to help. The time it will take for your order to arrive depends on the method you choose:

UK 2-3 days second class (free)

UK priority next working day (at extra cost)

EU/Europe 5-7 days (allow up to 30 days during the pandemic)

ROTW 12-14 days (allow up to 50 days during the pandemic)

If you are not 100% happy with your order, or simply change your mind, you have 14 days to return the item in the original packaging, providing it is unworn, and in original, resellable condition. See our Returns Policy for more information.

Our beaded bracelets come in three main sizes, and there is something to suit everyone.

Small 16.5cm

Medium 18cm

Large 19.5cm

If you discover that your bracelet is the wrong size, get in touch or we can exchange it for you. In the event that you require a custom-made bracelet for a specific size, this can be arranged via the custom order page.

RCREW is an acronym short for "Rainbow Crew", ("our crew") representing a spectrum of different genders and sexualities, coming together to make a positive change. Our main goal is to use our products to help unify the LGBT+ community, create a supportive, collaborative environment, and work together to change society for the better – for all of us.

RCREW is a homophone for "our crew".

So if you're in the UK, you'd pronounce it: /ɑːkru:/

And if you're in the US: /ɑːrkru:/

The Bold product range features bright coloured Estrela beads, boldly representing the colours of the pride flags.

The Semi-precious range is made of high quality semi-precious gemstones like agate, tigers eye quartz, carnelian and bronzite. The colours of the semi-precious range can be more muted, as natural stone comes in many different shades and purities. 

Please do! Our customers range from members of the LGBTQ+ community to allies, friends and parents who are excited to show their support. Be part of something great!

Sadly, the world is far from a perfect place, and in some cases, wearing a visible marker may attract unwanted attention. Always put your safety first– if you feel threatened or uncomfortable, you can remove your bracelet and pop it in your pocket until you are in a safer situation.

All of our products are shipped in plain, unbranded packaging, to help ensure discretion and privacy.

We do our best to try to avoid using any potential irritants such as nickel and use silver plated zinc alloy for the metal clasp bead to minimise the risk of reactions. The remainder of the bracelet is made from natural, semi-precious gemstones, and these should not cause a reaction. In the unlikely event that you do suffer irritation, please do tell us as soon as possible.

Please get in touch – we may be able to repair your bracelet for free, or for a small fee plus postage if specific parts are required.

At present no VAT is charged. As a startup company, we've not yet reached the threshold to register for VAT, so all purchases currently do not include it.

When we reach the threshold, VAT will be added, and the prices of the bracelets will inevitably rise.

VAT is not charged on any EU or rest of the world orders. You may be charged VAT in your home country before your local postal service releases the package to you, and unfortunately this is something we cannot control.