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Size Guide 

Our beaded bracelets come in three main sizes, and there is something to suit everyone. The main options are:

  • Small 16.5cm
  • Medium 18cm
  • Large 19.5cm

If you discover that your bracelet is the wrong size, get in touch or we can exchange it for you. In the event that you require a custom-made bracelet for a specific size, this can be arranged via the custom order page.


All of our bracelets are made with high quality stretch elastic. Whilst this is strong and sturdy it is inevitable that over time it will become weakened with stretching on and off the wrist. To help preserve the life of your bracelet, we recommend:

  • Keep the bracelet dry – try not to shower or swim in it.
  • Opt for a larger size, to reduce the amount of stretch
  • Try not to fiddle with the bracelet or stretch the elastic
  • Avoid shampoo, soaps, hair sprays, perfumes, body lotions and sunscreen – these can weaken the elastic
  • When putting your bracelet on, try to roll the beads onto your wrist with minimal stress, rather than pulling the elastic harshly
  • Keep your bracelet in a safe place when not in use – out of reach of any pet kittens or curious children!