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How to give back to the LGBT community this Christmas

December 17, 2021 2 min read

How to give back to the LGBT community this Christmas

Happy Holigays!

As we're approaching the festive season, some of us may be making our plans to travel to see loved ones. Christmastime can be a joyful occasion, but for some in the LGBT community, it can be a stressful and challenging time. Since the holidays are a time of giving and connecting with the people you love, you can take the time to give back to LGBT folks who may need some extra love this holiday season. If you want some inspiration or ideas of how you can give back to fellow queer folks, here are a few things you can do for the LGBT community this Christmas: 


Host a Christmas Dinner and get together with your queer friends

Nothing beats a grand Christmas dinner, especially when you invite some of your closest friends. Food is the holiday season staple, but since some queer folks may not be able to have a traditional dinner on Christmas, set up a time to gather your loved ones. If meeting up at each other's homes will be a bit tricky (especially with COVID), set up a Christmas zoom get-together. Plan a Christmas quiz, or even host a movie night to watch some holiday movies simultaneously on Netflix with the Teleparty extension. Whatever you decide to do, connecting with queer friends can help make Christmas time feel less isolating. 


Volunteer at a local LGBT charity or shelter

If it is safe to do so, offer your time to volunteer with a local LGBT charity or shelter. Christmas is usually a busy period for charities, so some extra hands will be appreciated. There are plenty of great organisations around the country. Some work directly with the homeless community, and some organise LGBT support groups. Even if charities are unable to take on volunteers, or you are unable to offer your time, you can still donate as a Christmas present.


Here are just a few UK-based charities you can check out for yourself:

The ATK – an LGBT youth homelessness charity. 

Switchboard – organises support groups for members of the LGBT community 

LGBT Foundation – offers support for members of the LGBT community in the Greater Manchester area


Shop LGBTQ-owned small businesses for gifts

What better way to celebrate the holidays than supporting an LGBT owned business? By supporting a small business that specialises in LGBT gifts and trinkets, you'll know that your spending will go directly into the pockets of fellow LGBT folks. You can find small LGBT businesses on platforms like ETSY or right here in our own shop!

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